Since 3 weeks ago, we have been discussing an important topic 30-Day Home Organizing Challenge, 30-Day Home Organizing Challenge – Week 2 and 30-Day Home Organizing Challenge – Week 3 where we shared first and second week of the challenge. Today, we are going to share the final week of 30-Day Home Organizing Challenge and state-out the day-to-day activities to take on this week to round up this challenge.

Journey So Far

Day Task Status
Week 1
Day 1 Control Toy Box Problem
Day 2 Get Rid of Clutter from your Bedroom Closet
Day 3 Arrange the Coat Closet
Day 4 Arrange your Children’s Closets
Day 5 Organize the Closet in the Hall
Day 6 Remove Nightstands
Day 7 Free day
Week 2
Day 1 Clear off countertops
Day 2 Sort your dishes and utensils
Day 3 Remove clutter from the kitchen junk drawer
Day 4 Arrange the fridge and freezer
Day 5 Organize your pantry
Day 6 Clean under the sink
Day 7 Free day
  Week 3  
Day 1 Give a home to misplaced items
Day 2 Arrange the Media/fun center and bookcases
Day 3 Declutter storage areas
Day 4 Declutter paperwork clutter
Day 5 Organize your desk
Day 6 Get your smartphone in order
Day 7 Free Day!


Week 4: Handle Bathroom Clutter

You will find it easier to prepare for work in the morning when you have an organized bathroom. Find some bathroom decluttering tips below regardless of its size:


  • Day 1: Declutter Toiletries

Remove all the beauty products you are not using from your bathroom and get it organized to reduce the stress you face every morning

Tips for getting personal care products into order:

  • If you have similar items in multiple, now is the time to keep your favorite brand and dispose or donate the rest
  • You have no obligation holding on to gifts you no longer want. You can donate that bubble bath or sponge you never use or re-gift it out to someone who needs it.
  • Take out aspirational products. As much as you love to prepare and wear a face mask every day if you feel like you don’t have the time, then get rid of it.
  • Day 2: Tidy the vanity

Your morning time will be more than enough for you to get ready for the day when you put your vanity into order.

Soreff’s tips for organizing a vanity:

  • Create categories like shaving, dental, and so on. Keep the items in place by using drawer dividers.
  • Buy only what you currently need. Regardless of how cheap bulk of toothpaste is, if you can only fit 3 tubes in your dividers, then do not buy the bulk.
  • Your vanity should only house frequently used items. Move special occasion products to the linen closet.

  • Day 3: Organize Shower Storage

It is time to arrange your toiletries since you know the ones to keep.

Follow these tips to have a tidy shower:

  • Always remember to run your loofahs while washing
  • Wipe or replace your shower caddies to give them a clean and fresh look
  • Categorize each product. For instance, face and body wash on one side, hair products on another shelf, and so on.
  • Day 4: Arrange makeup and accessories

Truth is beauty products are mostly not arranged. Today’s task focuses on tackling the clutter. Instead of feeling bad for something you bought but ended up not liking, just consider it a failed experiment. This really concerns quantity. You can determine the best storage solution once you identify the items you are retaining.

The following tips are best for decluttering your makeup bag:

  • Get rid of any item that is more than a year old. Expired makeup bottles or tubes can keep bacteria.
  • Dispose of those free samples you are not using. Their size may lead you to believe they can’t form clutter, but they can take much of your space.
  • Dispose of products you no longer like or need. You don’t have to keep that powder that you promise never to wear again.
  • Day 5: Get rid of clutter from under the sink

Under the sink is the perfect hiding place for items you don’t know you had. You should start sorting through this space if you have it loaded with miscellaneous items. You can mostly find toiletries, cosmetics, bathroom cleaning materials, and other beauty and health products that you no longer use or have forgotten under the sink. If you found the product dusty and grimy, then it has not being used. Create more space by clearing out junk from under your bathroom sink.

How to recover the Space:

  • Bring out everything and quickly get rid of anything older than a year, damaged, broken or unwanted
  • Store cleaning supplies in a shower caddy for easy access when needed and to make replacement easier after use.
  • Purchase storage bins and create categories for items such as cosmetics, toiletries, first aid contents, and so in. Keep hair appliances hanged on a cabinet door.

  • Day 6: clean up the linen closet

Today’s task is centered on helping you organize your filled closet to avoid sudden tumbling of the whole pile when you take a shirt out, or you are just tired of squeezing in your towels because space has been used up.

Tips for organizing the linen closet: 

  • Dispose of any torn, stained or worn item.
  • Make sure each family member has enough towels as well as a few extras, and then donate the rest.
  • You only need one additional set of bedding for each bed except you always have many visitors that spend the night.
  • Day 7: Free Day!

It’s your rest day. You can take this time to repeat any relevant step for any room you skipped during the week or the entire period and make sure everything is in place.

Final words 

Good job! Just in 30 days, you are able to declutter your home. We hope this home decluttering and organization challenge help you in putting your home in proper order, whether you complete each task or you concentrated on areas where you have issues with. You can now relax and enjoy your newly organized home as you’ve earned it. To maintain long term organized and clutter-free home, consult our write up that contain 10 DAILY STRESS-FREE THINGS THAT CLUTTER-FREE PEOPLE DO and keep your house clean at all time.

We are glad to assist you in any of your home declutter, cleaning, and organization, if you cannot face the task alone. Contact us today for more inquiry on how we can help you!