This month, we are going to be looking at how to make home organization more stress-free. Our experts in Home Organisers have come up with a “30-Day Home Organizing Challenge” guide to give your home a turnaround by the end of this stay at home or lockdown, as it may apply to you in your state.

If you are lost on where to begin your home organization task, this guide will help you with everything as we partnered with 10 professional home organizers to come up with a 30-day home organization challenge checklist to help make your house cleaning and organization a reality. If you are faced with much junk to remove at any of these weeks, go for dumpster rental to make the cleanup process easier.

We have divided the home into four categories to help you face each category deeply within 30 days. With a quick daily task, you will end up with your life, closet, and well organized rooms. Don’t be scared of overworking yourself as we already considered the need to rest by including a daybreak each week to rest and also let you review the tasks. Save this page, get a calendar, and swing into action. Kindly join me in this 30 days home organization challenge. You can start any day of the week or month, not necessarily the beginning of the week or month. If you want to get the best result, make sure you plan yourself very well to avoid skipping any task.

Getting Started

Our attentions will be on the entire household in this 30-day home organization challenge. This includes your documents, bills, the rooms in your house, as well as other personal belongings. Take a day to prepare for this 30-day home organizing challenge. You can begin with the clearing of your digital calendar tasks or planner and prepare yourself. The tasks can also be uploaded into your phone and create a reminder to keep you in check.

Week 1: Declutter and Organize your Closets and Storage Spaces

The truth is, the first week is always tough. This 30-day home organization challenge will be focused on the most cluttered area of your home. Organize your closets and storage spaces.

  • Day 1: Control Toy Box Problem

You will be able to give a home to everything as well as have a smooth clean-up when you first handle toy box pile-ups.

Hints for Toy Box Organization:

  • Except your kids can let go of any toy they’ve outgrown, have them sort out toys with you.
  • Store toys that your kids frequently use in baskets or on open shelves where they can easily find and return them.
  • Use separate boxes for items for easy recognition of available toys by your kids.
  • Day 2: Get Rid of Clutter from your Bedroom Closet

Go to your bedroom with some trash bags. Now is the time to get rid of those forgotten clothes.

  • Tip:Bring all the content of the closet out before you begin. This will enable you to see the amount of space you have as you return your essential items. 

Organizing your bedroom closet by following these tips: 

  • Ask yourself if a cloth doesn’t fit, or you wouldn’t wear it, or it is not in good condition.
  • Create a division for the items you want to keep, such as pants, sweaters, shirts, etc.
  • Maximize storage space usage by making use of shoe rack, shelves, drawers, or clothes rod.
  • Day 3: Arrange the Coat Closet

Your coat closet can easily turn into a clutter zone regardless of where it is located in your home. Consider the organization tips below:

  • Get rid of anything you no longer need when you are going in or out of your house. Put the items back to their original home where you use them.
  • Evaluate the number of coats needed by each household member. Having a coat for every occasion is too much in some cases.

Out-of-season items are to be stored in your basement or garage to make room for those in-season clothes that are perfect for the current weather.

  • Day 4: Arrange your Children’s Closets

This might seem like a huge task; however, you will have enough time to prepare your kids for school in the morning when their closets are properly organized. Frequently worn stuff should be placed in an easily accessible location. You can arrange your kids’ closets following these ideas:

  • Dispose of any item your kids no longer wear or have outgrown. Divide the rest into category by season
  • Hang your kid’s’ clothing where they can easily access it if they’ll be dressing themselves
  • Use marked closet rod dividers to separate your kids’ clothing if they share a closet
  • Day 5: Organize the Closet in the Hall 

Hall closets can easily turn into a home for giant clutter. Deeply search the clutter and see what you can keep and what needs to be disposed of.

Tips for organizing hall Closet:

  • Dispose of or donate any items you haven’t touched in the closet in recent year.
  • Categorize your keep items.
  • Place plastic drawers on shelves and hang a shoe rack behind the door to serve as storage.
  • Day 6: Remove Nightstands

Getting your deserved relaxation may be impossible around clutter. You will get a restful night sleep when you remove any excess items from your nightstand.

Tonia Tomlin, one of the popular home organizing experts, gave these tips for a nice bedside table:

  • Make use of stackable drawer organizers for the things kept inside your bedside table.
  • To see all your belongings, make use of clear dividers.
  • For easy identification of home for each item you used, mark your drawer dividers appropriately.
  • Day 7: Free Day!

You’ve done a great job! This is the perfect time to check every item you skipped and also caught up on any tasks you left behind so you can be ready to tackle another area of the house. Prepare yourself for the 2nd week of the 30-day home organizing challenge.

Wrap up

Next week, we will continue with this 30-Day Home Organizing Challenge. Relax, and stay organized!

While waiting for the next of action in the 30-day home organizing challenge, we will be glad to assist you in any of your home declutter, cleaning, and organization. Contact us today for more inquiry on how we can help you!