In our previous post, we started an important topic 30-Day Home Organizing Challenge where we shared first week of the challenge and many people have commenced the task commended how easy it was for them. Today, we are going to share the second week of 30-Day Home Organizing Challenge and state-out the day-to-day activities to take on this week.

Week 1 Preview

Day Task Status
Day 1 Control Toy Box Problem
Day 2 Get Rid of Clutter from your Bedroom Closet
Day 3 Arrange the Coat Closet
Day 4 Arrange your Children’s Closets
Day 5 Organize the Closet in the Hall
Day 6 Remove Nightstands
Day 7 Free day
For details of activities of each task, read more here


Week 2: Clean up the Kitchen

Our focus in the second week of the 30 days of a home organization will be on the most feared and cluttered room in the house – the kitchen.

  • Day 1: Clear Off Countertops

Your counter you’ve been using as a shelf needs its freedom so you can have enough space to cook. This tip here is to identify items that belong on the countertops and those that don’t.

Tips to get rid of clutter from the Kitchen Countertops:

  • Get rid of decorative stuff. You can place them on top of cabinets, on a shelf or somewhere you less-visit
  • Remove occasionally-used appliances. You may leave your stand mixer where it is due to its size and weight.
  • Make use of vertical space. Locate racks for and mount cooking oils, spices, and paper towels. You can also use the magnetic component besides the refrigerator.
  • Day 2: Sort your dishes & utensils

Focus on those coffee mugs, silverware, and other kitchen items that you have in different sizes and types. Declutter your kitchen to have more space and make it look well organized.

Hints on clearing Out the Cabinets:

  • Pick out enough dishes for each member of your household to use inside washings, with a few extra. Gather extras, broken or chipped dishes, and remove from the kitchen.
  • You can let go of any kitchen utensils you’ve never used in the last month despite that you cook almost every day.
  • Get a bin, fill it with dishes and utensils that you occasionally use such as during holidays and keep it behind the cupboards or place it on high shelves.
  • Day 3: remove clutter from the kitchen junk drawer

Your junk drawer is probably a mess, but we have compiled some useful tips to help you simplify its organization. All you need to do is to divide, contain, and overcome it. Purchase some cheap plastic storage bins with different lengths and widths. You can arrange the bins the way that pleases you. Small items can go into mini muffin tins or ice cube trays.

Berry’s Hints to organizing the Junk Drawer:

  • Bring out the drawer’s contents onto the counter or table in the kitchen
  • Edible items like sauce packets should be moved to the pantry where it belongs

Remove any broken or nonessential items. Place another item into categories such as “keys”, “tools”, “office supplies” and so on.

  • Day 4: Arrange the Fridge and Freezer

Are you tired of wasting money on buying food that you don’t remember you had or buying excess food that it got spoilt before you can eat it? Begin this process by removing everything from the fridge and freezer and clean them thoroughly. Then follow these hints given by Perri Kesh, the CEO of Neat Freak Professional Organizing LLC, for proper organization.

How to keep a well-organized Fridge:

  • Label fridge drawers for proper arrangement of groceries into the appropriate area
  • If you have two or more open container of the same food item in your freezer, keep one of the recently opened and dispose of the rest
  • Group other similar items using small plastic containers. Arrange certain product types in a certain area of the fridge; for instance, leftovers go on the top shelf whole produce goes in the drawers.
  • Day 5: Organize your pantry

Your pantry can easily turn to a home for messed boxed snacks and canned items. Today’s task is to get your pantry back in order with tips from Kersh.

Steps to organizing a pantry:

  • Store similar items in containers, especially if the shelves in your pantry are deep.
  • Items with much size than the containers can be stored in organizers that allow height,
  • Use clear plastic bags or label the containers ton easily locate any item. This will also help you to unpack your items after grocery shopping easily.
  • Day 6: Clean under the sink

You are likely to find cleaning supplies forming clutter here. Consider the following tips to make it easy to locate what you need.

Simple Organizing tips:

  • Quickly locate what you need using lazy Susan or pull-out storage
  • Do not hesitate to dispose of other supplies after identifying the products you really use
  • Create additional space for gloves, dish rags, and other stuff by hanging tension rods or hooks.

  • Day 7: Free Day!

You are on the right track. Take this time to relax- of course if you missed any task, now is the time to catch up.

Week 2 Wrap up

At the end of week 2 of 30-Day Home Organizing Challenge, you will discover that the job is half-done. By now, your home should be carrying a new look. You can imagine how it will look like at the end of the challenge.

While waiting for the next of action in the 30-day home organizing challenge, we will be glad to assist you in any of your home declutter, cleaning, and organization, if you cannot face the task alone. Contact us today for more inquiry on how we can help you!