“I’ve NEVER met anyone so meticulous and organised like Nancy” – Georgia

Coming from a Peruvian and Italian heritage, Nancy was blessed with the highest IQs in organisational intelligence. She is so precise, organised to the point that everything she does, she implements a timer to do it. It doesn’t matter if she is preparing food at home, having a shower, having a nap or making phone calls. Precision and order are part of DNA.

This gift from God, has allowed her to conduct all her previous jobs with high sense of organisation and care.

She has worked in hospitality for almost 15 years in Italy in different restaurants and hotels. She has owned and run, with her husband Mimmo, Peaches Cafe for 5 years in Shepparton (Victoria 3630). One of the biggest compliments that she has had was that her café was always very clean and very organised.

Because of her son’s Tennis aspirations, the whole family moved to Melbourne and Nancy has started helping many families with their house cleaning through their company Clean house Melbourne.

Due to the high requests of home organisation, Nancy has decided to start putting more time and dedication towards helping families live in cleaner and more organised homes.

Her experience with many families were really very touching and together with her team, they were able to make a massive and drastic difference in many home.

Now, Nancy and her team of home organisers go often and regularly to various home to maintain them clean and organised every week.

Because of her passion for house organisation, she came across Marie condo teachings, Netflix series and she loved it. She has also studied, on her own, the Konmari method and many other methods online.
Nancy feels so strong about home organisation and she loves transforming people’s homes.