Terms and Conditions

Home organisers Terms and Conditions

  • We service most of Melbourne’s suburbs
  • Open 7 days from 6 am to 10 pm
  • Same-Day home organisation service
  • All the rates and prices are in Australian dollars.

By hiring home organises for your your home organisation, you, client, agree to the Terms and Conditions listed here below:

Home organisers reserve the right to choose its clients. We will make sure that our prospects have the right mindset, drive, will, aspiration, commitment and the resources to undertake this organisational journey together with Nancy and her home organisers.

Over the phone, in our free, NO obligation, 30 min consultation, we will assess your needs, wishes, and aspirations. If we feel that we can’t help you, we will be straight forward and let you know. We will Never take you as a client if we are not sure that we can help you.
Nancy and her team of organisers is NOT in this home organisation business for the money. They are in the business of bettering other people’s lives through home decluttering and home organisation.
If you are a good fit for us, and we feel that we can help you, we will propose a few options to choose from. Our journey with you will not end after our first meeting unless you want.
During the process of decluttering and organising, we will need your guidance, and we will never take any action without consulting you.

I, Mimmo, do my best to get the most accurate price range or estimate the time necessary to perform the requested tasks. If your property is less messy, you help us in the process; the final budget need could be lower. At the contrary, if the property is messier, dirtier, have a lot more clutter and needs more hours of work, we will let you know, and a higher budget will be required.
After our initial free phone consultation, if we schedule a home inspection, we usually ask for a $200 inspection fee, which will come out of the final price of the project if you choose to hire our services. In case you don’t accept our quote on the inspection day; we will keep the inspection fee. NO refund could be requested. The inspection fee will pay for the home organiser’s travel time and endeavour to understand the client’s home organisation needs.
NOT everyone charges for inspections. The contrary, most companies do it for you.
In our view, time is our highest commodity, and we can’t get it back. Every time we go for a home inspection, we put all our expertise to work for our prospects, and we do our best to meet their expectations. This operation requires a lot of time, effort and dedication. These are the reasons we ask for a home inspection fee.
If for any reason, you don’t share the same view, we respect your opinion, but we won’t be able to serve you.
A minimum of 48hrs notice is needed if you want to change or cancel your booking with us. If you want to cancels or to make any change to your booking in less than 48 hours, you agree to pay the full price of the booking. If you have already paid for your booking, NO refund will be issued to you.
Why do we do it this way?
It’s a fair question, and it needs an appropriate answer.
When you book us, Nancy and her team, commit to your home organisation and they can’t take any other jobs. When you cancel, they won’t have enough time to find other jobs, and they will all have a loss of income. We, as a business, we will lose the opportunity to employ them. Therefore, your money will pay our team for our commitment & expenses and our home organisers’ committal.

Any cancellation or change requested beyond the 48hrs is permitted, and there is NO charge for it.

This practice is in place to protect our home organisers’ while looking forward to your home decluttering and home organisation.
On the booked day, if for any reason our team can not access your premises, a $50/hr and per person fee will be charged extra.
As you, client, will be with us and will delegate someone to assist us in your home organisation, we will be checking with him/her all the time, and we will show them our progress continuously.

You can pay through our secure website with Paypal or any credit card, and as soon as you finalise the payment, you will be sent a receipt straight into your inbox.
You can also pay with bank transfer, and we will send you a receipt as soon as you send us a confirmation of payment

For any inquiry, please contact the home organisation manager.