Since 2 weeks ago, we have been discussing an important topic 30-Day Home Organizing Challenge and 30-Day Home Organizing Challenge – Week 2 where we shared first and second week of the challenge. Today, we are going to share the third week of 30-Day Home Organizing Challenge and state-out the day-to-day activities to take on this week.

Week 1 Preview

Day Task Status
Week 1
Day 1 Control Toy Box Problem
Day 2 Get Rid of Clutter from your Bedroom Closet
Day 3 Arrange the Coat Closet
Day 4 Arrange your Children’s Closets
Day 5 Organize the Closet in the Hall
Day 6 Remove Nightstands
Day 7 Free day
Week 2
Day 1 Clear off countertops
Day 2 Sort your dishes and utensils
Day 3 Remove clutter from the kitchen junk drawer
Day 4 Arrange the fridge and freezer
Day 5 Organize your pantry
Day 6 Clean under the sink
Day 7 Free day

Week 3: Living Room and Office Organization

Our attention will be on some living rooms and home office in the third week of the 30-day home organization challenge. We will perform the cleaning and organization of the living room based on our standard.

  • Day 1: Give a home to misplaced items

Misplaced items easily find their way to the living room to form a clutter on the coffee table and floor. Get these items back to their appropriate location with today’s task.

Tip to returning items efficiently:

  • Put documents in files in the office
  • Return toys o your kids’ playroom or their rooms
  • Take coats to their closets and dishes to the kitchen
  • Day 2: Arrange the Media/fun center and bookcases

To reduce the level of clutter in your living room, begin to dispose of stuff that holds no sentimental value, or have any essential function. Then think of what to do with the rest.

Tips on organizing the essential items:

  • Label every cord and use cable ties to hold wires that connect the same device
  • Store remotes, video game controllers and other accessories in decorative bins or baskets
  • Sort through items that hold sentimental value and group them based on their importance, and then keep those that hold positive and strong memory.
  • Day 3: Declutter storage areas

We can now declutter and properly organize end tables and ottomans as they are good at hiding pileups.

Hints on putting living room storage into order:

  • Dispose of remotes and electronic cords that are of no use to you
  • Dispose of throw pillows and baskets that are no longer needed or worn out
  • Give the same treatments you give other storage areas to this place, and store small items in plastic containers or dividers.

  • Day 4: Declutter paperwork clutter

This task might be tough, but you will come to realize the good you’ve done for yourself when you can easily locate vital documents. We received some tips on how to best arrange paperwork from Amy Vance, a professional and certified organizer from Eco Modern Concierge. Organizing paperwork can be so difficult because you can find paper clutter everywhere. This can be solved by reducing physical paper clutter. Keep mail and other papers that enter the office or home in a magazine holder or a mail sorter. You will see the need to declutter the pile once you noticed the holder is full.

Tips for organizing Papers by Amy Vance:  

  • Get rid of papers from surfaces such as your kitchen table, counters, and desk every night
  • Remove paper from every possible area in your home and unsubscribe from mailing lists to reduce the number of paper junk in your home.
  • Attend to mail as soon as you receive it. Place a shredder, and a recycle bin closer for junk and create a time to go through them every evening.
  • Day 5: Organize your desk

To have an office that enables you to maintain focus, this is the right time to declutter and organize your desktop and drawers.

Here are desk organizing tips from Vance: 

  • Create categories like file, to read, to be paid, outgoing mail, and paid using a desktop file system with bins or folders
  • Frequently accessed office items like checkbooks, staplers, envelopes, and stamps should be kept closer to the top drawers of your desk
  • Keep scissors, pens, and highlighters and so on in pen holders. Create a category for each item and be honest with what is essential and what is not.

Come up with file categories that match your routine on your document. But make sure the file doesn’t exceed six in number to avoid an overwhelming feeling.

  • Day 6: Get your smartphone in order

There can be many distractions and hardships in transacting business on your phone or locate an app you really need when you have too many apps installed on your phone. Now is the time to tackle clutter on your phone.

Tips to organize your phone in:

  • Uninstall old apps and other similar stuff
  • Create albums to store photos and delete blurry and duplicate pictures
  • Read, listen, and delete old and unwanted messages.
  • Day 7: Free Day!

You have overcome some of the most arguable toughest rooms to declutter and organize and now have the office of your dream. You deserve a reward, so go ahead and engage in something fun to ease stress.

Week 3 Wrap up

At the end of week 3 of 30-Day Home Organizing Challenge, you will discover that the job is almost done. Access your home, and see the level you had gone. By now, your home should be carrying a new look. You can imagine how it will look like at the end of the challenge.

While waiting for the next of action in the 30-day home organizing challenge, we are glad to assist you in any of your home declutter, cleaning, and organization, if you cannot face the task alone. Contact us today for more inquiry on how we can help you!