You make out of any situation you find yourself. When life offers you lemons, you come up with lemonade. If the stay-at-home order is being observed in your state, or you are on a holiday, then you have the best time to organize your home. In one of our posts – The Real Cost of Clutters, we estimate the cost of each clutter in your home and how to save cost on your cluttered home and get organized. Adding these tips to your home organization, cleaning will leave your home shining and as attractive as you ever wanted.

Clutter does not have to be among the things demanding for your attention in this period if you have been doing it right.

We have compiled a simple list of items to prepare you; thereby making it easier for you to declutter your home. According to some people, the best method to declutter your space is to do everything at once in a day; however, if time doesn’t permit, this technique is the best to get a few works done at a time and complete the decluttering task within a week or a month.

These tips might even get you surprised at how much work you are able to do in fifteen minutes. There are a hundred of cluttered items you can get rid of, but we will take it part by part to make it easier for you. Below are five items you can dispose of to declutter your life if you are determined about disposing some things and getting your space organized.

5 Items to declutter from your Home Right Now! 

Although the steps are simple, we have summed up ten items to declutter right now that will not take you much time but have a significant impact on your life and home.

#1 Books you’ve or will never read

Almost everyone has those books at home that we planned to read sometime. We promise to read it after getting a job done and go on vacation. This might be the right time to get real. Your schedule is fixed up during the day, and even though it is a good idea to read and learn, that doesn’t justify cluttering your home with many books, just the one you want to read is enough. There is no need to dispose of the books completely; you can keep them in a storage bin after you have picked out and kept the ones you want to read besides your bed or your preferred reading spot. This is when you can go through your unread books without turning to clutter in your home.

You can also sell off already read books to a used book store or donate them to a thrift store. This will greatly help in clearing out your home or office space. To save more space, you can also write out your favorite recipes from the cookbook somewhere else and donate the book. You can find many beautiful recipe card storage boxes that you can purchase and store your recipes, the ones you got from friends and family, as well as the ones you’ve tried online.

     #2 Manuals

Have you ever needed to go through a manual? Although many of us like to keep them in our home, when exactly did we refer to them? Not everyone has the time to go through the user’s manual whenever our item malfunctions. We rather prefer searching it out on Google for instant response. The internet can be your best manual in this new age. Hence, you can do without them.

    #3 Old Magazines and Clippings
Some, if not all of us, find fun in checking out what product or recipe is being recommended by our favorite fashion or health magazine. But do we actually make use of these clippings either in our dinner or regular beauty collection? Or do they turn to clutter around your home? Be real with yourself anytime you want to rip out a recipe or an article. If you are not a regular cook, then there’s no guarantee that you will visit those 50 torn-out pages of recipe lurking around in your home. Information gets outdated, just like everything. So get rid of those old magazines once you are done using them. If you can’t get rid of the entire stock, then save some of the latest recipe or recommendation from it, and then swing into action on it without delay.

     #4 Pens that do not work

At a point in life, most people have encountered having to write down something, but all they could find is pens that do not work. You probably have them under your car seat, on your reading table, at the bottom of your purse, or in your drawers at work. You will be able to get rid of pen clutter when you test the pens in your space to identify the ones that don’t work so you can get rid of them.

   #5 Gifts

Regardless of what another decluttering method may say, re-gifting an item you no longer need but would be useful for someone is not a bad idea. However, getting rid of clutter from your home and dumping it onto someone else is a story for another day. If you plan to re-gift an item, make sure they are in good shape to avoid gifting a faulty item. You should donate any item with a torn box or wear from where you kept it. Because of the frequent updates of safety guidelines of toys, this is very important for babies.

In summary, decide on what to do with a gift you received but don’t like it. You will spend much time, energy, and space-saving items to re-gift in the future. Dispose of those poor-looking items from your home to give it a more beautiful look.


Decluttering might be a time-consuming task as you think, but the feeling you get after seeing the outcome will keep you relaxed. You will be able to create more space in your home and, at the same time, give your home a new and beautiful look when you follow the tips stated in this write-up. If you want to take up the task of decluttering and organizing your home fast, you can as well read our post – 10 BEST WAYS TO DECLUTTER AND ORGANIZE YOUR HOME FAST or call us 0407 094 444 to help you out on the task. Watch out for Part 2 of Items to Declutter from Your Life Right Now on the page!