According to professional organizers, almost all the families in Australia face household clutter issues, and the favorite spots are the garages, children’s bedrooms, kitchens, stores and attics, and home offices. How can you eradicate clutter and have more space in your home? An organized home comes with relieves for the entire household. Ask yourself – how did you get here?

While most people find it pleasing living with fewer belongings, the thought of lacking some items brings overwhelming and anxious feelings over times. This causes an increase in the clutter until it gets out of hand.

Fortunately, you are not the only one in this, even home organizers that are well trained still get lost sometimes. However, the solution is simplecommitment to home organization at all times

At Home Organisers, we understand that decluttering is a very challenging task, but to make it easier for you, start with the smallest of ideas and build on it with times. This post will discuss 10 vital practical home organization techniques that you can try on your own and other tips. Before that, let’s quickly scan through the benefits of decluttering your home to boost your interest.

Benefits of Decluttering

The advantages of owning fewer items cannot be overemphasized. This is easier said than done; however, when the reality behind the advantages of decluttering manifest, you will be motivated to act.

Below are the advantages of organizing your home at all times:

  • Less to clean: House cleaning on its own is a stressful task. To avoid making it more stressful than it is, you don’t have to clean items that you no longer use if you get rid of them in time.
  • Less to organize: You will easily locate any of your items. You won’t have to turn the whole house upside down before you find your stuff. Moving freely without stumbling on things becomes a reality.
  • Less stress: One can easily develop nausea at the sight of the many clutter in their home. It is more relieving when you look around and see more space in your home.
  • Less debt: You will be able to save up some money in your purse, bank, and even reduce credits when you reduce your spending on shopping for items that may add to the clutter in your home. Too much shopping may lead to having expensive but useless items in your home. More on this later in this post!
  • More financial freedom: As reported by a recent survey conducted by Charles Schwab in May 2019, 59% of American families’ livelihood depends on paychecks. Almost half of the population surveyed hold credit card debt. You will be able to save yourself some cash and be ready for emergencies when you declutter and reduce your shopping expenses.
  • More strength to focus on your passions: You will have enough strength to focus on things that matter in your life when you have less debt and increased financial freedom. You will enjoy more happiness from within you.

Now that you are clear on the benefits of decluttering your home, you will be happier with the next discussion on how to declutter and organize your home fast.


How to Declutter and Organize your Home Fast

As stated by Web MD and Psychology Today, people are prone to thinking they lost control over their lives when they have more than enough items around them than they can control. Stress comes from the mess!

You might be doing yourself more harm by not taking care of the clutter in your home. Don’t forget this post is about decluttering and organizing your home fast in certain areas. How do you go about this? Relax!

The following tips and tricks will help you in your decluttering task:

#1 Gather Supplies

Decluttering your home doesn’t require much supply. However, some essential items will make the project efficient and completed quickly. These supplies include:

  • Trash bags
  • Boxes for donations
  • Plastic or cardboard boxes for storing undecided stuff temporarily
  • Extra bins and baskets to be used as arrangement containers temporarily.
  • Cleaning supplies

#2 Identify Hot-spot Areas to Declutter

Now that those supplies are ready, you can proceed by identifying the most clutter-concentrated areas in your home. As mentioned earlier, this article is about how to quickly get rid of clutter from your home, whether to get your home ready for visitors or to get quick results. So, it is not about decluttering your home within days or weeks. This is why identifying where to start decluttering your home is very important.

Although there are differences in each home, the best way to start decluttering is first to tackle the high-traffic areas of your home. You might want to start with any of the following:

  • Entryway:This enables you to welcome your visitors into an uncluttered house and make space for their items. 
  • Living room:To enable more relaxation, declutter your living room first after entryway is a good idea. This is where your guests will first see immediately they enter your home.
  • Kitchen:Decluttering the kitchen where most activities take place in most homes will make it easier to entertain your guests.
  • Bathrooms:You, your guests, and your household members will have a good start to your day when you tide and declutter your bathroom.

Carefully consider the benefit of decluttering these areas in your home before you decide which one is paramount. Factors like the areas that give you much stress, the one the guest would see and get you embarrassed should come to play. You can proceed into action once the areas you want to declutter have been figured out.

#3 Toss the Trash

Begin with the tossing of trash in any of the rooms you organize. Search for broken items, package and dispose of them. You can also get rid of used envelopes, dried up glue, expired coupons as well as bottles. The aim here is to reduce the volume of items in your home. You won’t be able to make the right decision for the rest of the space due to the amount of space occupied by trash. The outcome of your decluttering task will last longer when you reduce the volume of items.

#4 Remove Non-Kitchen Items from the Kitchen

Take out every item that does not belong to the kitchen before you start placing stuff in the cabinets. Gather the items that belong to another room together. Then divide the items based on each room they belong. For instance, books go into the library pile, and remotes go into the living room pile. Once you are done with piling, take each pile to the room they belong and place it there till you have a section for it.

#5 Gather Items you are keeping but Need to Dispose

Most of the things that form clutter in your home are probably the stuff you want to keep but found themselves in the wrong area. Remove any item that is wrongly placed near where you are decluttering. You can as well group the stuff in a single box and remove them at once. Otherwise, you will lose much strength if you remove them at the same time.


#6 Proceed to Remove Unwanted Items

Further your decluttering task by removing items you no longer love, need or use even though they are not trash. Gather these items in a box to give to close friends, charity or placed in a yard sale, and so on.

#7 Separate Undecided Items

As mentioned earlier in this post, we are discussing how to declutter your home fast and not purging. You may find it difficult to dispose of any sentimental items or ones that you once emotionally attached to. It is advisable to box any item that falls in such a category for future decisions. Decide while decluttering will slow your pace of working, and the speedy completion is the main key here.

#8 Carefully arrange the Bathroom Drawer by Drawer

Carefully declutter the bathroom to have an excellent outcome. Take out any expired or stuff you are not using. Although some of the medications could still be potent, however, decluttering of your home comes with a price, especially when you want a bathroom where you can get comfortable with much space.

#9 Dispose of the Clutter

Once you are done, the next step is to get rid of the bags. Taking the bin bag directly to the trash bin remains one of the few options to get rid of its contents.

  • TIP: Place the charity bag by the entrance door to take it to the charity store when you are chanced, but don’t keep the bag around for long. 

#10 Dispose of the Stuff you are keeping

Now is the time to dispose of the stuff you are keeping (grouped in a bag or box) earlier. Endeavor to make your home at least a temporary home for those items that have none yet. You can make use of the additional baskets and bins listed in the supplies above as temporary homes for the items until you have time to do deep organization.

Law of Clutter-Free Home

Households that enjoy clutter-free home have been studied to have disciplined lifestyle day-in, day-out. If you are serious about having clutter-free and organized home, follow below steps:

  • Understand Your Clutter Personality
    You need to understand why you have clutter in your home before you can determine how to manage a home free of clutter. The following categories are said to be common among most people, according to Molly Graves and Ashley Murphy, the founders of the NEAT Method.
  • “Too Busy” results in “Too Many Extra”: Because you have no specific system in arranging and finding items quickly in your home, you then buy such items that you already have in your home when needed because you can’t go through the stress.
  • “Regular Worrier” results in “Must Keep Everything”: You save some items because of the fear that you might need them in the future.
  • “Tired in Life” results in “Tired at Home”: You are lost on where to start, so you just cope with the clutter. You will only be able to prevent triggering your weak spot when you identify them.
  • Give Each Item a Place 
    The lack of place for most items makes them end up on the table, counters, and floors. According to a home organizer expert in NYC, Sharon Lowenheim, give a space to everything where you live make your home more organized. You can easily put away items when you keep them where they are used, and also storing similar stuff together is wise. Ensure easy access to frequently used items in their stores.
  • Play Clutter Cop
    You are likely not to have much clutter in your home when you know how to keep things away from it. Take free items, but do you need that coffee mug or T-shirt? Develop a way to block items you don’t need in your home before they form clutter.
  • Always Check for Clutter
    Come up with a periodic schedule on checking for clutter in your high-traffic areas and also find out why you always have clutter there. In most cases, the answer is always not what you guessed. The dishes you piled up in your sink needs attention. Experts said people mostly assume that loading the dishwasher requires much work and thus leads to dishes pile up.
  • Get Home Organization Kits
    Get clear plastic containers and store up your tools and items needed for specific tasks therein. For example, tasks like manicure, shoeshine, bill-payment, all require separate kits. This will enable you to locate everything and quickly complete each task daily.
  • Follow a Schedule
    You have to declutter some areas in your home daily. Such areas include the kitchen counters while you can declutter other areas once in a week or month. Come up with a strategy when you are ready to declutter. Bring out all the stuff kept in a desk drawer and cabinet; then spread them out so you can easily know what you are about to work on.

When decluttering kitchen drawers where kitchen utensils are kept, spread out the utensils and group them into “frequently used” and “unused” items. Do not rush, decluttering absolutely takes time. We understand that people are likely to think decluttering doesn’t take much time. If you think it would take you 2 hours, then plan for 4 hours. And avoid being discouraged when it takes longer than expected.

Final Words 

If you followed the tips from the beginning, you would notice it has always been about starting with the hot-spots, reducing the volume of your stuff, and concentrating on the next step, taking it one room at a time. You can also hire a professional organizer if you don’t have the time to pull this off.

Home Organisers is always ready to help you anytime you decide to hire one at affordable cost. Our specialization is on decluttering and organizing homes, and we will take the stress off you with our professional touches. For more info or inquiry on how we can help you, contact us.