In our previous post, we discussed 5 Items to declutter from your Home Right Away to keep your home organized and have some sense of serenity around your space. During the few days of posting, many people have called us and requested that we share more items to declutter from home to enjoy more peace of mind, while some have requested a quote to help them declutter and organize their homes (which is our professional service).

Many of them claimed that they had successfully decluttered the items contained in the first post and looking forward to more tips to help them in the process. Hence, we have come up with another list of 7 items to declutter from your life right NOW!

7 Items to declutter from your Home Right Now! 

#1 Expired Makeups

Once the mascara seal is broken, it expires after the third month. The lifespan of lipsticks is about a year or two. Get rid of that old mascara you’ve been keeping for so long. Bottles of dried nail polish may also be in this category. The benefit of reducing your makeup items is that you will mostly be using what you have instead of wearing the same makeup look due to congestion in your makeup drawer or box. To know the expiration date of your makeup, follow these tips. Locate a tiny graphic that has a number on it in any of your tubes, cosmetics bottle, pot, etc. The numbers represent the expected expiration date of the product in a number of months.

     #7 Dry Cleaning Hangers

You will find how nice and attractive everything in a boutique when is hung on thick and beautiful hangers. This doesn’t only impress prospective buyers; it also helps to maintain the garments over a long period of time. To make sure nothing gets stretched or pulled from our garments, we make use of hangers so it can hold the shoulders. You only make use of the triangular-shaped hangers from dry cleaners to get your clothing home temporarily. However, having a lot of them cluttering in your laundry can leave your home disorganized. Get rid of the ones you are not using.

  • Tip:Always endeavor to make use of hanger that has the same width to your shoulders.

#8 Broken Jewelries or the ones you don’t wear

When last did you check everything in your jewelry box? This might be the right time to give it an in-depth look if it’s been long you did that. You can choose to sell any broken piece of jewel or the ones you’ve stopped wearing for so long. You will be saving much space in your jewelry box and, at the same time, make some money from scrap silver and gold. Separate the repairable items from the ones that are just consuming space with no hope of recycling. You can easily get rid of the clutter from this skill. As sentimental as some jewelry may be, try and stay real with yourself so you can declutter at maximum level.

    #9 Unworn Clothing Items

One major challenge to decluttering wardrobe is the fear that you might dispose of something important. A little experiment can be conducted in this regard just to get rid of any doubts. The first step is to collect any clothes that you have worn many times ago but don’t want to dispose of in a bag. Remove the bag from where you are working and keep elsewhere. Create a reminder on your phone to check the items in the next three months. You would be able to decide at the end of the three months if you missed any of the items in the box. You can decide from there the method of getting rid of the unneeded items you prefer, whether to donate or sell.

      #10 Almost Empty Toiletries

Old shampoo, eye cream, and other old bottles of toiletries can consume a lot of space. Once cleared from your home, you will have enough space for new items. Also, having less clutter in your bathroom makes it easier to clean. From our research, we are able to find out that partially used shampoo and conditional containers or bottles are the most popular clutter in the bathroom. So check what constitutes the clutter in your bathroom.

    #11 Your Friends or Family’s Belongings

If you observe your home is gradually becoming a storage center for your family and friends, do not waste time to call, mail, text, or chat them to come and pick their belongings. Reduce the additional items in your home by returning any items you borrowed, whether a bike, handbag, tools, or any space-consuming items.

#12 Expired Condiments

You might be confident that you would know if any of the condiments residing in your refrigerator has expired. You might be surprised that many of the items are already past their life span. As drastic as this may sound, we recommend that you bring out everything from the refrigerator, deep clean the whole fridge, and thoroughly check each item for expiration. Doing this will give you more space for your fresh foods after disposing of your partially used mayo or ketchup. This will leave you with great excitement and may even prompt you to take photos of it and upload it on your fancy Instagram page.

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