kitchen clutter


An uncluttered and clean kitchen always looks refreshing and says much about the culture and tome of the entire home. A clutter-free kitchen space communicates order and calm.

Apart from promoting possibility and opportunity, less-junked space also saves your energy, and time, and ensures cleanliness.

However, our kitchen may be different for many of us and various reasons. Many are jam-packed with tons of items, such as mugs grin, appliances, unfinished food, food containers, and other related kitchen items.

If you are one of those tired of their unorganized kitchens, you are not alone.

Maybe due to your busy schedules or your nature of jobs, you may not have the time to give in to declutter your kitchen. Relax, as there are some time-saving ways to eliminate kitchen clutter.

We will share some of these ways with you in this article. Let’s dive into it!

Specific Tips on How to Declutter your Kitchen

To maintain a clutter-free and clean kitchen you’ve dreamt of, a few efforts are required but not to the level of spending hours weekly tidying and cleaning. Below are some of the time-saving ways to eliminate kitchen clutter:

  • Eliminate Unwanted DishesCookware, and Bakeware

It is not abnormal to find kitchens cluttered with one-time dishes in the cabinet, an assortment of random, old rusty cookware that ought to have been eliminated a long time ago. The first step is to get rid of these unwanted items and other irrelevant plates, dishes, bowls, and cups.

kitchen decluttering

  • Designate a Bin for Counter Mess

There’s no way; clutter will always build up in the kitchen, either on the counters, in the cupboard, on the sink, or in the hanging cabinet. There are medium-sized bins you can put in the kitchen to accommodate these common clutters in the kitchen. Let everyone in the house know that the bin is designated for items that are yet undecided in the kitchen.

In the end, pay attention to the bin and get things back to their appropriate place or get rid of those that are not wanted in the space.

  • Get Rid of Unwanted Items in the Food Storage Containers Cabinet

Based on the size and how cluttered your cabinet is, this task may be huge and challenging. Start by removing stained or damaged plastic storage containers in your cabinet. After this task, pair the remaining lids with the leftover containers to ensure all containers are covered. Eliminate any other containers without lids.

If some are still good but you don’t find any need for them at the moment, you may give them away to people that need them.

  • Clear out Anything Broken or Chipped

Chipped or broken items have no place in your kitchen than to occupy space unnecessarily. Sort out every item in the kitchen and declutter those that are chipped or broken. Chipped glasses and plates are hazardous to the harbor, as chips pose sharp edges that capable of harming someone. Apart from this, these are an eyesore and devalue your kitchen. Get rid of them to create space for new aesthetically appealing and essential items.

  • Organise the Junk Drawer

The drawer organiser will be useful in your kitchen. This is the type of drawer that is designed to keep wanted items without a place to keep them. Categorise things to make them easier to find whenever you need them. Transfer any trash found in the junk drawer into the trash bin without hesitation.

  • Reduce the Number of Cookware in your Kitchen

Keeping 8 different pans of various shapes and sizes may seem useful, but do you really need them? Funny is that, you may not even use some of the pans for months; hence, why keeping them?

You can reduce yourself to 2 – 3 pots and 2 pans, and ensure you have various sizes of cookware usually needed for your cooking.

Nevertheless, unless a kitchen is being run as a restaurant, 4 or 5 cookware items should suit your needs.

  • Get Rid of Unused or Extra Kitchen Appliances

Many people cannot do without buying small gadgets and appliances to make their cooking much simpler. While it is good to have them around, they can build up fast and occupy the kitchen space. This is the time to sort out all the gadgets and appliances and decide which one to do away with. Can you do without an appliance? Do you use them often or seldomly? If your answers justify disposing of them; do.

  • StoringSmart

Keeping kitchen items and appliances should be done with smartness. While some items are used often, some may not be touched for weeks. In the case of the appliance, such as a coffee maker or toaster that is used often, keep them on the countertop for easy access.

Items that you use once a week should be stored on the shelf or cupboard. Appliance, such as a turkey roaster may be stored in the storage unit or basement because of its scarcity of use.

This will go a long way in further reducing clutter in the kitchen and assist in saving a lot of space.

Final Thoughts

Looking at your kitchen currently, clearing our clutters may seem impossible. But always have it in mind that decluttering and organizing the kitchen is not as difficult as you think. With these essential tips, you will be able to perform this task without knowing you’re doing it until you see the result. You only need to do it bit by bit and before you know it, you are done with it.

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