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A Brief Insight to Closet Organising Process From Start to End For You to Know

When it comes to carrying our home organisation, one of the most important chapters is organising the closet. Technically speaking, a professional organiser will take 5 steps to do so. However, before they do so, professionals from reputable home organising services will keep certain things handy. They will gather these tools & supplies that will make their trifle easier. Here is a quick recollection of the assets they will have handy with them.

Shopping bags: These professionals will use sturdy bags to ferry the unwanted and excess clothes to donation centres or usable dresses to tailor or the dry cleaners.

Tape Measures: The professionals offering home organisation will use tape measures, for measuring the shelving and hanging space.

Catch all basket: College change and documents, rubber bands and hair clips, cash wads and other stuff are collected in the catch all basket.

Let us now discuss the steps to organise the closet.

First Step: Emptying the closet

At first, the professionals will remove all the items from the closet for resetting it afresh. This is the easiest way, after the professional organiser in Melbourne removes everything from the closet emptying it, he or she will take into account your preferences, your lifestyle and your functional compulsions and needs to come up with a fresh arrangement of the closet.

The stuffs that will find their place in the closet would include hangers and baskets, bins and packets and the likes.

Second Step: Comprehensive Cleaning

The next step involves comprehensive cleaning of the closet. What you need is a clean space to plan the organisation. Thus before reorganising the closet, the home organiser in Melbourne will thoroughly clean the space, including every corner. The professional will dust the shelving as well as the hanging rods thoroughly. Then they will either thoroughly sweep or run the vacuum and mop the closet floor. Then, they will wipe the shelving and the hanging rods, walls, baseboards down using a top quality all-purpose cleaning agent. They will use baskets and bins to collect all the dirt and dust particles the cleaning will generate.

Third Step : Sorting and Decluttering 

Then the professional will start sorting and decluttering taking your consent and depending on your use. They will discard the stuff that you do not want at all, put things that you seldom need and keep the things that you need or like to use regularly in the forefront.

While doing so, they will ensure that the stuffs are sized and folded in the proper way, so much so that they take minimal space and more things can be stuffed making the fullest decluttered and systematic use of the space.

This is where hiring a home organiser for decluttering your closets will come in handy. If you are in and around Melbourne, hiring Home Organisers will be the best step as we are the best. Call us at 03 8583 9103 to book an appointment. Or email us at nancy@homeorganisers.com.au to get an online free quote.