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6 Proven Room-by-Room Steps to Make Your Home Clutter-Free

It may seem there is no such connection between staying happy and decluttering, however, there is a deep connection between the two. In other words, when you have your home decluttered, it will leave a positive effect on your psyche and elevate your state of mind.

In fact, tidying and decluttering homes is often considered a life-changing step as it brings a positive vibe. While for some, it may be a comforting phenomenon, for others, it may trigger off physical effort.

As our experts would put it, ‘tidying will transform life’. When it comes to decluttering, there are various methods to follow. No matter what technique or pattern you choose, they will have the same positive effect on your life. That is why when professional home organising companies like us declutter in Melbourne, it changes the life of the households.

This blog entails a few room-by-room decluttering steps that will ease your job and enhance your mood. Read through the lines below.

Fix a Timeline

If you don’t have piles of unwanted stuff at your disposal, you can easily wrap up your house decluttering job at the weekend. However, if you haven’t sorted your belongings for months, it might take a month to organise things. Keep your goals realistic by segregating the work, estimating how much time it may take, and then fixing a tentative decluttering service deadline.

  1. Start off with the bathroom first. Discard outdated toiletries, makeup items and skincare products and put the essentials instead that you need almost every day. Pull out everything unwanted from the cabinet drawers and reorganise your drawers again.
  2. Next, bedrooms are really challenging to declutter; however, you can start off with your nightstands. Remove everything that doesn’t belong to the designated areas and place them in the bins. These may include old magazines, pens, empty tissue boxes, faulty chargers and more. Recycle any garbage you haven’t used for months and place it in their designated drawers or cabinets.
  3. When it comes to closet decluttering services, the easiest way to tackle this is by sorting your clothing type. Sort your boots, dresses and denims accordingly and designate a specific portion to stack each clothing type. Pile up your jeans in one section and continue following this process with other dresses so that identifying and pulling them out becomes easier when needed.
  4. You might not have a traditional mudroom or a foyer, but you can surely have an entryway which can be made functional with regular decluttering. Start with consoles or side tables in your entryway and remove the contents to improve accessibility. Make sure all the items are seamlessly accessible and not overcrowded. It will help you leave the house with your essentials every morning without forgetting.
  5. Decluttering a kitchen is a nightmare for most homeowners, but if you choose to declutter in Melbourne by professionals, you can easily categorise one item at a time. Identify and discard used containers, tetra packs, worn-out cookeries, broken knives etc. and put everything in their designated spaces. Start off first with the upper cabinets and then move on to the lower cabinets, drawers and sinks.
  6. Living room is a challenging area to keep neat and clean as it undergoes high foot traffic. The key to quickly decluttering is to designate permanent spaces for commonly used items such as magazines, books. Then empty your coffee table, eliminate cluttered papers and place them back in their proper storage areas. Store chargers, gaming accessories, toys etc., in their designated cabinets and you are good to go!

Home organisation and decluttering give a sense of self-satisfaction

Opting for a professional decluttering service in Melbourne gives you a sense of satisfaction from having achieved something. Many people refrain from decluttering because of panic about the trouble they will have to undergo. Thus, when they all achieve it, it gives them a sense of serenity that makes all the difference. That is why our home decluttering service in Melbourne is so much adored and sought after.

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