If you always think of a change to your outdated bathroom anytime you walk into it, we have a lot of tips on our list to help you with bathroom decoration in a very affordable way. The bathroom is one of the rooms in the home that don’t have much storage space. Regardless of the size of your bathroom, you will always need extra decoration and organization.

With the best bathroom organization tips, you will be able to quickly tidy up your washroom, using rack and shelving ideas, as well as drawer organization tips.

Of course, you can maximize your space regardless of the size of the room you are working on. We have many great storage and decoration tips for both big and small bathrooms.

With just little creativity, strategic arrangement, and the relevant materials, you can change your bathroom from messy and rough to stylish and well arranged in no time. Just consider the simple tips we compiled together.

Here are thirty bathroom organizations and decoration tips to keep your bathroom tidy and organized.

  1. Place a Shelving Unit over the Toilet 

There are many companies that have shelving units specially designed to fit well around toilets of standard size. These units have an improved look aesthetically. You also can consider building custom open shelves on the toilet for extra storage. You have more opportunities to match the shelving with your home’s decoration style when you do it yourself.

  1. Convert Cups or Jars to Medicine Cabinet Storage

Add about three mason jars to this medicine cabinet, and it will function more effectively. Storing items in a vertical position inside the cup or jar enables you to maximize vertical space usage in the cabinet. Keeping similar items together is one tip for the room organization. For example, a jar could be designated for razors, dental care, as well as other miscellaneous creams and ointments.

  1. Simple Do-It-Yourself on the Toilet Shelving

If you seek a simple do-it-yourself approach for additional storage in your home, consider these perfect, simple rustic shelves. They have stained a rustic walnut and connected to the wall and supported by basic L-brackets. You will have simple and easy to install shelves as results, and it will keep your frequently used items within your reach. You can also adjust the length and depth of the boards easily to add extra storage or fit into any area. This is a perfect way to maintain your existing bathroom design and improve its function as well as organization.

  1. DIY Painting

Do you desire a well-organized bathroom? Paint it. Using yellow and grey paint perfectly makes the bathroom look spacious and realistic; those colors are perfect when combined. The colors are great if you plan to add virtually-extra space to the bathroom or if you just need a more elegant appeal for your bathroom to make it look cleaner.

  1. Add Beauty to Basic Containers using a Label Maker

Labeling can be used for style alongside function. When you put an attractive label on streamlined containers, they make the space looks more attractive and organized. Get different storage containers, baskets, and jars that are perfect together and use as a trial. However, you need to go through your bathroom items to find out the organisation method you desire and buy containers that will make the plan achievable.

  1. If you have Additional Floor Space, use a Tiered Tray

The addition of a tiered tray or basket organiser can be a plus to any bathroom with small extra floor space. Although the elegant and functional feature of a tiered tray cannot be overemphasized, many people also make use of rolling carts for this same purpose. Stock bathing items in the first two levels, and keep extra toilet papers underneath. Also, you can use a two-level tiered tray as storage on the counter of your bathroom.

  1. Do-It-Yourself Fabric Toilet Paper Holder

Create your personal fabric toilet paper holder using these helpful procedural instructions from “Make it Love it.” I wouldn’t mind owning one of these. I have tried various means to ensure I have additional rolls in my bathroom, and now I have just the perfect storage solution.

  1. Keep Daily Makeup on the Wall

Consider the items you use day by day when you prepare in the bathroom for the day. If you do your makeup in the bathroom, try to keep some removable storage containers on the walls. You can create a personalized caddy or buy some ready-made organizers for this particular use. Just know that the wall behind it can get damaged by some adhesive organizers, so it might be your best move to drill a few small-size holes while you do a cleaner path job anytime you want to remove the organiser.

  1. Use Clean and Simple Shelves with Baskets

This is a very simple idea that is similar to using labels and baskets to ensure your bathroom is organised. If you have many people that use the same bathroom, each individual can have separate storage baskets to keep their personal belongings and keep the room well-organised. This method is very perfect for roommates or many children who share one bathroom. To achieve and maintain this look, install plain shelves on the toilet. Make sure there are two baskets on each shelf and make sure their long span that of the shelf and are properly labeled. This would also be perfect for keeping cleaning supplies out of reach.              

  1. Use an Expandable Under-Sink Shelf Organizer

Place an expandable organiser below your sink. They are cheap, and you can gather many, as they have plastic shelves which are supported by metal piping, so they are strong enough to contain any item that you store below the bathroom sink. You can get some models that give you about ten adjustable shelves so you can adjust the length of the shelf as you desire. This is one great way to maximize space and get your bathroom organised.  

  1. DIY Bathtub Tray

I’ve always liked how a bathtub tray looks. I was looking for a simple-looking one, but attractive enough to match with the rest of the bathroom decoration, while keeping my favorite stuff such as toiletries. You will be able to make perfect use of this DIY Bathtub Tray.

  1. Do-It-yourself Bathroom Mirror Upgrade

There are many characters in this updated mirror. You will also be able to learn a great staining method from reading the manual on Shanty 2 Chic. It is known as water popping, and it adds a very nice and smooth finish to your stain. Dip a clean fiber cloth in a bowl of water and gently wring it out.

  1. Get a Basket to stack Toilet Paper

The back of the toilet is one of the most revealed places to store additional toilet paper. However, that can cause the bathroom to look cluttered and unattractive. So there are various ways to make this storage location more attractive. For example, just get a basket that matches the top of your toilet, and keep some rows of toilet paper in it.

  1. Do-It-Yourself Stamped Hand Towels

This is a very great tip, and it works out perfectly. It is very simple, but those additional details are very helpful in redoing it. This is also a great way to dress up towels. You can make several sets for our bathroom.

  1. Store Linen in a Freestanding Cabinet

If your bathroom has enough floor space, try to place a freestanding furniture piece in it like a cabinet as extra storage. This additional furniture can either be a new or a personalized piece. Or you can just repurpose an armoire, old sideboard, or dresser to match your needs.

  1. Share Vanity Drawers into Parts

Avoid leaving your bathroom vanity drawer looking like junk drawers. Instead, buy drawer dividers and store similar items together to make sure the drawers function well and look great for storing items that you use every day, and any extra products that are kept below the sink. Note, each drawer is different from another. Organise your vanity drawer using frequently used products that will be perfect for your household.

  1. Eco-Friendly Cotton and Sisal Bag

If your shower has limited space, this bag gives you the chance to add extra storage, and it is an environmental-friendly option that gives no-waste packaging. This method enables you to increase your bathroom storage without having a poor impact on the environment. You can easily hang the cotton and Sisal Bag over the showerhead and accommodate bathroom items such as razors, soap, and shampoo. If you reside in a dorm room or an apartment, this option is portable for use during the shower. It keeps all you need, nicely, and in a single place.

  1. Do-It-Yourself Pottery Storage Ladder

If you like classic and traditional pottery, this is a great pottery storage ladder that you can use, and you do not even need to buy expensive materials.

  1. Make a Place for Dirty and Clean Towels

You can easily clean and keep your bathroom organised when you have a spot on everything. Make a small area for a hamper so you don’t end up with a pile of clothes and wet towels on the floor. Save space by rolling some clean towels and keep them on top of the hamper.

  1. Make use of a Lazy Susan in your Bathroom Cabinet

You can efficiently store many small products that you plan to access using a lazy Susan. Instead of stepping over something to access a particular item behind a cabinet, you can just turn the lazy Susan. If you have different types of items to store, you can add more than one turntable if you have enough space.

  1. Create a Cabinet from an Old Window

You can easily and perfectly add a storage cabinet for additional enclosed storage in the space above the toilet inside small bathrooms. If you find it hard to locate a cabinet that perfectly fit, or that you like, try to make your own from an old window. Since the door is clear, ensure the items stored inside resemble décor.   

  1. Create some Space for a Hair Dryer

Not all bathrooms require storage for many hair tools. However, there will be at least one hairdryer in a bathroom that you will need to keep somewhere. This bathroom organising technique makes use of an over-the-door rack that is made to fit larger items like hair tools. The best aspect is there is no need to drill holes before you can hang it.

  1. Use Waterproof Bins to arrange Bath Toys

If you have kids, they possibly have some bath toys that must be stored when not in use. Storage items, such as small plastic bin on the wall are the best spot to keep such toys. However, if you don’t have such, you can hang a small basket made from sturdy suction cups in or closer to the bath. You can also hang an additional shower curtain tension rod towards the back wall of the tub and attached to that from which you can hang the baskets for a toy.

  1. Brighten with Paint

Adding a new color into your bathroom can change a room for just two cans of paint. You will get a light and illusion of paint from softer shades, while you get a feel like a rush of the ocean from bold hues similar to this energizing bright blue. This time, invite a professional to handle it.

  1. Go for Greenery

The best way to create a calm, tranquil home is to bring in nature. Change your bathroom into a peaceful space by purchasing a few indoor plants and positioning them on the windowsill or any console table. If you like adventure, play with levels and hang two or more plans from the ceiling.

  1. Use Bath Mats

Get an interesting and functional bath mat from the shop. Mats can make a complete design statement, regardless of the color, pattern, or shape. If you have a neutral space, go for a vibrant pattern or layer one or more different designs to get an electrical feel.

  1. Try LED Lights

You can use stick-on LED lights as an affordable alternative to lighting in a shower that has just one main ceiling light. You can mount the battery-powered lights on a surface or recessed in any location in the room.  

  1. Tension Rod Basket Hanger

Hand baskets to store toys using a tension rod. Hand the rod horizontally from the front right to the back of the tub, directly over the top of the tub where it can be easily reached by the kids. They can be easily removed and replaces by kids on their own.

  1. Nooks and Crannies

You would normally link a cubby hole with children’s shoes. The case is different here, though. This solution is very unusual and uncommon, unlike the rest; the uniqueness is highly appreciated. This doesn’t only increase your design options; it also gives your room more than what a flat, bank wall would ever add, without consuming extra space.

For instance, you can place this beside your shower for keeping shampoo and soap, closer to your toilet for keeping toilet paper as well as other toiletries, or beside your bathtub for keeping candles, bath salts, and oils.


That is it, 30 great and useful bathroom organization and decoration ideas that will enable you to overcome those problem sections in your life. Are you aware of other things that will help you take on the issues like this in your household and life? Do you need further help? Reach out to us.