No one loves clutter, regardless of space. It can stress one out easily and isn’t fun to look at.

About 50% of Australians shared their views about their garage spaces; that their garage is full of clutter and have challenges organizing it. Many say they park their expensive cars outside while the garage is occupied with mostly unwanted stuff.

Are there items piled up in your garage? 

Does yours look like a scene out of hoarders that not even a space to park a single car?

Relax, as we are here to help you.

Identifying the cause of your garage clutter is the first step to proffering solutions to your problem. Once this is achieved, you will be able to stop the problems and eliminate all the clutter.

Let’s take a look at the causes of garage clutter and how to eliminate them.

Possible Causes of Garage Clutter 

There are many reasons you may have clutter in your garage and this is based on different homes. Itemized below are common causes of garage clutter:

  • Garage is usually used as an Easy Dumping Ground

Many people see garages as a fair space to accommodate different kinds of stuff that don’t have a place in the main house. According to studies, garage doors have become one of the most used doors in homes after kitchen, as almost everyone accesses the garage many times to drop off or pick up an item during the days’ activities.

  • Garage Declutter seems Time-Consuming and Unnecessary

At Home Organisers, we understand that you are a busy person and you’ve got a lot of items in there. Pulling all these kinds of stuff out of your garage may take a lot of time, not to talk about filtering it on the driveway, and returning them back inside. It happens everywhere; you only need helping hands to clear them out.

  • Habitual Disorganized Nature

It can’t be tagged as a bad thing not to give in to organisation – not everyone finds it fun. Sometimes, there may not be time for you to handle it, while in some cases, you may not naturally care. Nevertheless, it has turned out to be a concern for you and you’re now looking for a solution, which is one of the reasons you are here.

  • Seasonal Garage Clutter

There are various levels of clutter, based on the season. You may store garden tools in place of winter equipment while pulling out garden tools in, from the shed during summer and spring. Also, your kids’ toys and sports equipment play some parts in your garage clutter.

  • You strive to let go of Some Belongings

Another common cause of clutter in your garage is the inability to let go of some things. It is usually related to nostalgia. It has a strong pull on you due to your sentiment attached to some of the items. Indisputably, some essential keepsakes do get a hold of us, but the question is – how much is too much?

How to Eliminate Garage Clutter

Wouldn’t you like it to drive into your garage, park your car, and walk inside the house without fighting clutter, boxes, toys, and more? It is possible! You can have just that.

Here are the solutions to your garage clutter:

  • Clean it out

The first step is to plan a weekend or day to declutter your garage properly. Do preliminary work by going through the stuff in the garage and sorting them out into three piles – keep, dispose, and donate/sell.

Work further on your “keep” pile and sort it into different categories, such as sports equipment, camping gear, and more.

  • Plan out your Space

After sorting out your garage clutter into piles, plan how to store your “keep” pile stuff. If your garage is spacious and can accommodate some stuff, first measure your garage space and floor plan. Store items like seasonal decoration or other items you seldomly used in the hard-to-reach places and frequently used ones at the front.

  • Consider these Garage Storage Ideas

It is high time you consider new storage ideas, now that you’re done with preliminary work of cleaning out your garage. We understand it may be challenging figuring out a strategy to organize everything in your garage and still be accessible whenever you need them.

Below are some tips to get the best out of your space:

  • Invest in storage helps: Leaving stuff on the floor will deny you of useful spaces to keep things. The best idea is to keep them off the floor by installing hooks, shelves, and hangers to keep and organise your things near and safe.
  • Use overhead storage: Another tip for garage storage idea is to use overhead storage. Make use of your ceiling to store and organise things in your garage, as another way to keep stuff out of the way and off the floor. When installing ceiling hanger shelves, consider the height of your car as well as garage door to open and close freely. Some of the things to store on your garage store are ladder, and other lightweight items.

  • Install a car rack: If your garage is with headroom, you can add a car rack to keep part of the garage free for other purposes, especially if you have 2 or more vehicles in your garage.

Are You Ready To Declutter Your Garage?

There you have it! It only take times and decision to clear out your garage free from clutter and it pays off later.

Home Organisers is committed to help you stay organised and enjoy your life in a less-stressful way. For more information on how to organise your garage free of clutter, don’t hesitate to contact us on 0407 094 444.