4 to 9hrs – Price: $85

Catch up home organising ( Available through NDIS )

This service is ideal for anyone who has been very busy, unwell, with messy children … and wants to restore order back in their home. This service is for people who are capable and willing to have their home organised again and can’t stand the mess anymore. Generally speaking, for small home, this package will give a very good start up, the householders need to be involved and will continue the process on their own after this package.
This package is not ideal when the house hasn’t been cleaned and organised for months and for people who don’t want to lift a finger and prefer to have everything done for them
Why? It won’t be enough and at the end, it will be only a waist of their time and money

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10hrs or More – Price: $75

Decluttering and home organising ( Available through NDIS )

This service is ideal for anyone serious about their home organisation and can’t stand their home messy, dirty and unorganised. This service, with your help, could transform your home to a clutter free and organised home. As decluttering and home organising is very tiring, it takes a lot of time and effort. Your input, decisions, cooperation and involvement could help us minimise the working hours. It will consequently reduce the budget required. As it is more than 10hrs, we thought about a lower rate to help you more.

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Price: $75

Regular Home organisation & maintenance – (Available through NDIS)

This service is available after the first decluttering service. Min 4hr per visit and it could be combined with house cleaning

This service is ideal after we have decluttered and done your organisation and will allow us to keep your home organised on a continuous basis. It could be combined with cleaning as well. It makes a huge difference in people’s lives and we love doing it.

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Cleaning Service – Price: $70/hr

We can also organise your cleaning if you need it and the rate would $70/hr and the cleaner will bring all the equipment and the cleaning products. If you can provide them, the rate would be only $55/hr. The cleaner(s) will be working with our home organisers at the same time.

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