CLUTTER REHAB 101: Tips and Tricks to Become an Organization Junkie and Living Happily!

Regardless of where you work, being an entrepreneur, busy professional couples, starting a family, or resuming college full-time, you are possibly busy and need a way to keep up. Trying to keep yourself focus in a place filled with clutter and chaos is very difficult and can reduce your productivity.

With that, your time is tightly fixed or worse; you can’t schedule your time to get things done properly in your life, and you are not enjoying the stress and confusion.

What can you do to this? You feel like everything is out of your control. You need first to take a break and settle your mind. Relax, and let’s take you by hand through this post for solution.

Now that you are calm and a little bit relieved of stress, let us tackle the problem at its root. It would help if you learned how to improve on organizing your life.

Normally, most people consider organizing their life requires much work, but in reality, it doesn’t. Performing an organization like a junkie can be fun. With tips on organizing your closet, kitchen, bathroom, and more, Home Organisers has reduced the stress involved in your home organization.

As you easily work on piles of paper, toys, and over-filled drawers, you will find out how to get addicted to the task of decluttering your household. There is one answer to this problem.

Being organized is the Key!

There is no need to wait until everything gets settled before you get organized; you can get it done by following these two steps:

  • Tackle it once at a time: Break your home organization task into parts you can easily handle. For example, if you own a pile of ironing, break it down by 15-mins per day or just iron long-sleeved shirt a day, followed by short-sleeved shits the other day.
  • Develop good habits: You may have been told by your dentist to floss and brush so you can keep away cavities. That habit must be built, and you can easily do it now, just like with organizing. Certain habits will reduce clutter and keep you organized, and you will soon be able to do them at free will.

How to turn to an Organization Junkie

You may be planning to become neat but may not be good at it. How does someone with no experience in home organizing turn from novice to hero quickly? Consider the following tips, and you will immediately start living in a happy healthy way.


  1. Plan

A more organized individual is one who plans, or at least endeavors to note the next schedule on the calendar, things to do at work, and all those vital personal belongings. Organized people understand their commitments, and they endeavor to keep track of their mental energy rather than wasting them. Making lists, noting stuff on the calendar, and taking notes are all habits portrayed by a well-organized person.

  1. Don’t Procrastinate

Organized people often do things now rather than leaving it till later. And if you have to procrastinate, you must agree that getting things done no future headaches. Get things done without procrastinating, and you will become a well-organized person.

  1. Create and keep Goals

Organized people often focus on goals. They stay organized for a good reason. They may love to entertain at home, so keeping a clean and organized home is a goal they work towards themselves. Regardless of the goal behind your home organizational goal, you tend to get further and be more organized when you create goals to accomplish.

  1. Make Decisions

Start the habit of making decisions to become more organized in life. Organized people understand their needs and make the calls to get it done. That also implies knowing what to hold on to and what to release. And it is important if you decide to declutter your environments.

  1. Start the Night before

Every evening, make plans for the necessary tasks that need to be accomplished the next day. You may write them out on a paper or note them using an app. This will enable you to keep a record of your thoughts so that you can get your brain ready the night before with the understanding that you will start the work the next day.

  1. Divide up Large Tasks

When you find tackling a task difficult, you can easily overcome it. Set a 15-min timer on your phone and work straight with no distraction at that time. Get up, walk around, and stretch your arms and legs, and resume working. Taking breaks at tasks, such as this, enables you to go through and complete tasks without getting overwhelmed.

  1. Mind-sweep your Brain

In some cases, your mind gets filled with ideas, tasks, lists, projects, and odd things to note that you might lose focus easily. Grab a pen and paper and sit down for thirty minutes and write down everything you have in your head into a comprehensive list. Then, you can begin to share the tasks and designate time for them. Immediately after your head is cleared out, you can start tackling the most urgent tasks.

  1. Prioritize

It is important to learn how to set priorities as you set out for a great organization. Rank and set an order for each task on your list, starting from the most important down to the least, and continue working. When you are faced with two important tasks, decide and start using your timer method to reduce the tasks on your list.

  1. Assign Tasks on a Calendar

Cross-checking your task planning on a calendar can be very useful. Fix your tasks in time slots in your note or online calendar to manage your working days. Allocate repeating tasks and hobs to certain times and days, so they become a habit for you, and you will always remember they are always fit into your schedule.

10. Make use of your Smartphone

You can get an App for that. Your smartphone is useful for everything, such as video chat, texting, social media, taking pictures, emails, and so on. A reliable smartphone is one of your best partners in the war to overcome clutter. Download an app related to your unique organization needs will help you create goals and gain control over things, such as a handy assistant.

  1. Gather Ideas through Pinterest on how to get rid of the Clutter

Pinterest is one other great gifts of technology. Leave your favorite ideas for home or office organization on your Pinterest board. Immediately you’ve pinned some ideas from the internet, consider the boards of your friends and community to gather a few more ideas to try. This method can be great for discovering DIY projects you can simply handle over a weekend.



  1. Tackle each Mess at sight

Pick up any dirty dishes or garbage at sight as you work. Avoid walking by the junks without picking it up. This is a great task because your eyes are being trained to look out for it. Do not allow you to adapt to the mess and step over it. Pick up the mess and clean it up.

  1. Keep Paper Towels with you

Always have paper towels or related items in the bathroom. Each morning after washing up, wipe down the sink and mirror using a paper towel and grab a fresh hand towel. Now swipe the floor using that damp paper towel. It will surprise you the amount of hair and towel lint you picked up each day. You may not need to vacuum every day, as this habit will not necessitate it.

  1. Empty Garbage

Each morning after you leave the bathroom, remove the garbage from the bathroom, bedrooms, and living room, and dump it into your main garbage. This habit is necessary for making your room cleaner.

  1. Do not leave the Car with an Empty Hand

Make a habit of taking in any trash you have in your car into the house. Your vehicle will remain organized and not cluttered with trash.

  1. Hang Clothes immediately you removed them from the Dryer

I enjoy ironing; probably because it doesn’t get out of control more often. Many people don’t like ironing, and this might be because wrinkles are set permanently. If you just hang your clothes after removing them from the dryer, ironing them will be a very simple thing to do.

  1. Fold Towels nicely

Folding your towels the same, and having the rolled edge visible in your closet often makes your cupboard look neat. Also, make sure your towels are arranged by size and color.

  1. Plan for Last-Minute Productive

Make sure there is always something you can do or read in your bag any time you are in the car waiting for your kids or at a medical appointment. Even as you watch TV, there are simple projects you can tackle, such as folding, clipping coupon, laundry, or sewing on buttons.

  1. Be last to go to Bed

Perform your nightly routine such as setting up the coffee pot, bringing out meat for the next day supper, organize your clothes for the next day, starting the dishwasher, check your task list and calendar for the next appointments to refresh your brain. Spending 15 minutes every night gives you a sound sleep and a good start to the mornings.

  1. Close the Doors & Drawers

Your place will look neater and safer when you close all drawers and cupboards. This may sound simple and unimportant, you will appreciate this when you try it.

  1. Keep a Notepad beside the Bed

If you remember something after you enter the bed, you may forget it in the morning. Having a notepad and pen beside you in bed will enable you to write down your bedtime ideas that flew in. You may not be able to clarify right in the morning clearly, but you will still get to understand it anyway.

  1. Clean up as you work

During supper preparation, use hot soapy water in the sink to clean up as you work.

  1. Detail your Kitchen

Once you are done with supper dishes, turn it into a habit to rinse your sink and make sure it keeps shining. Place back new dishcloth and hand towel to the position.

  1. Sweep

We were always taught by my mother to sweep the kitchen floor after we do the supper dishes. It involves doing dishes, and we are not done with the job until the floor is swept. It is a good habit. With a clean kitchen, your whole house will feel better and ensure your mornings go smoother.

  1. Wipe One Thing

Before I drain my dishwasher, I usually wipe a window sill, picture frame, and shelf. One thing at a time. These everyday habits enable you to keep the house great as if you just cleaned it.


Including certain organizations do-it-yourself tasks to your house can help you a lot in organizing your life. Pick projects, such as storage and décor and include personal touches to create an organized space that you love to rest in. There are many habits to help save you from being overwhelmed, and you will discover many of them on my blog page. If you are willing to become a more organized person, you need to have the relevant tools at home.

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