Carol’s Home Unpacking and Organising in Southbank

Carol, a resident of Melbourne, recently moved into a new apartment in the city. With numerous belongings to unpack and a fresh space to design, she sought the expertise of Home Organisers, a reputable home organising company in Southbank.


Carol’s primary challenges were:

1. Volume of Belongings: Carol had many items that needed to be unpacked, sorted, and placed appropriately due to her recent move.

2. Space Optimisation: Carol’s new home, although spacious, had unique architectural features that made it challenging to optimise space, especially in the bedroom and kitchen.

3. Aesthetic Appeal: Carol was passionate about creating an ambience that was functional and aesthetically pleasing.


1. Consultation: Our team began with an initial consultation to understand Carol’s preferences, needs, and the potential of the spaces. We took note of the key areas she wanted to focus on – the bedroom and kitchen.

2. Unpacking and Sorting: We started by deep cleaning the apartment, then methodically unpacking each box, categorising items based on their utility, frequency of use, and Carol’s preferences.

3. Space Design: Using innovative organisation tools and methods, we:

– **Bedroom:** Created zones within Carol’s bedroom, such as a sleeping zone, reading nook, and dressing area. We utilised under-bed storage for seldom-used items and employed vertical space, ensuring everything had its place and looked neat without crowding the room.

– **Kitchen:** Recognising the kitchen’s importance as a functional space, we optimised cabinet storage using tiered shelves and turntables. We also established dedicated zones for cooking, baking, and food storage, making it intuitive for Carol to find and store items. Pantry and Fridge were the last two areas that took a lot of time figuring out precisely what Carol uses the most and the least to make it more functional.

4. Personal Touches: Beyond just organising, we collaborated with Carol to incorporate decorative elements that reflected her own style, turning the spaces into an authentic reflection of her.


– **Efficient Use of Space:** With our bespoke solutions, every item finds its rightful place, ensuring easy access without clutter.

– **Aesthetic Enhancement:** The bedroom and kitchen became more functional and transformed into aesthetically cohesive spaces that resonated with Carol’s taste.

– **Client Satisfaction:** Carol was immensely pleased with the transformation. The combination of functionality and design ensured that her daily routines became smoother and more enjoyable.

Feedback from Carol:

“I was overwhelmed with the thought of setting up my new home, especially the bedroom and kitchen. But with Nancy, Alan, and her beautiful team, every corner of these rooms now has a purpose. It’s not just organised; it feels like ‘me’. I can’t thank the team enough for their meticulous planning and execution.”

This project with Carol underscores Home Organiser’s commitment to organising spaces and personalising them. It’s a testament to our holistic approach that fuses functionality with design, ensuring that our clients have a well-organised home and a space they love to live in.