Consider your morning routine. You wake up, brush your teeth, and head to your closet. Finally, as you open the door to your closet, you are greeted by the unsightly mess. Gosh!

Did you spend more time than necessary because of the mess in your closet in the morning? 

Can you imagine how much easier your life would be if you could just organize your home and get rid of the thoughts of the mess that is behind those closet doors?

Regardless of the size of your closet, you probably feel like your space is not sufficient to keep all your household belongings in a well-ordered manner.

However, having an organized closet is not all about scaling down the mountain before you. No, you don’t have to spend all your money on a built-in system.

Prepare yourself to bid farewell to damaged shelves and hanging rods and regain control of your closet.

We’ve compiled some of our nice and proven ideas for organizing a cluttered closet. Let’s dive into it!

Closet Organization Ideas to Consider 

After donating a few of your items to charity or sell them online to make few money, managing your closet may still seem like a difficult task for you to undertake.

Below are 50 ideas to organize your closet regardless of the size.

  1. Seasonal Storage

Getting rid of out-of-season clothes will save you a lot of space, and you can keep those winter clothes in felt boxes from Open Spaces during the summer months. They are portable and look nice than your average storage bin, so it won’t matter if they are unnoticeable under your bed.

  1. Get Matching Hangers

This is one simple location to kick off your closet organization ideas. The appearance of your closet will not only be neat, but it will also be able to take in more clothes when you use hangers that are of the same size and shape.

Do you still keep those cheap neon plastic hangers from your college closet? Now is the time to upgrade. You will be glad you do.

  1. Declutter

Aside from the strategies from Marie Kondo, look into this closet trick to organise or dispose of clothes you no longer wear. It’s like this: Turn all the hangers in your closet around so the hooks directly at you, and when you try on something, replace it with the original hook the normal way. In six months, donate any of the items that you still have hanging on the hook facing the wrong direction.

  1. Designate Hanging Space for Different Lengths of Items

Get various sizes of hanging spaces for your clothes instead of folding them on one another or leaving them to puddle on the floor. This will make sure all your remaining clothes are arranged neatly, and you will also have allocated areas for each of your garments.

  1. Use your Vertical Space

Vertical storage is one of the easiest ways to organize every small item found in your closet. Vertical hangers can hold items like underwear, neckties, handkerchiefs, belts, and shoes.

The use of hangers like these to maximize vertical space is one brilliant way to make great use of the small closet space. During the planning phase of your closet organization, consider how you can make use of the vertical space in your closet to give room for more storage.

  1. Sleep Shoe Storage

No one likes to see their shoes scattered, to the extent of picking up mismatched shoes from your closet. You can store about 8 pairs of shoes and moonlight as a surface to keep your keys and other essential items that follow you out on a sleek cabinet from IKEA that looks like a shallow credenza.

  1. Rack and Roll

Purchase a rolling garment for your bedroom, it will increase the space in your closet, and you can select your clothes for the week every Sunday night. That reduces the stressful time you always have in the morning selecting clothes, and this means you will be able to snooze your alarm a bit more.

  1. Placement is Important

Keep your essential items at eye level, occasionally used items below, and once-in-a-blue-moon items up high.

  1. Label Everything

If you keep smaller accessories and items in bins or baskets together, make sure you clearly label everything, so you know where to locate what you need. It is also a nice way to know where baby clothes are, since you can also include sizes on the label in the drawers.

  1. Use Well-Arranged Colors

With the use of color-coordinated pairings, separated cubbies, as well as properly-planned closet storage ideas, you can create a well-arranged closet for easy storing and accessing.

For people who desire such an organisation, try to give various closet items different color coding. An organisation based on color is one of the traditional design tricks in the book. However, the look always appears young. The outcome will surely be a delight and pleasing. Find out what we are saying by giving it a trial.

  1. Shelf Dividers

Put pants and sweaters in the right place, making use of shelf dividers, a perfect and efficient solution for cluttered shelves at a very affordable price. If you have a lot of clothing in your closet, these will enable you to control your pile of clothes in an upright and organized manner.

  1. Proper Lighting

Adequate lighting in your closet space can be so essential in organizing. When you have a clear sight of all your items, you know the exact location of each item and this will save you time, stress, and clutter pulling all your closet just to search for any other item you need.

If the installation of a wired lighting fixture is not possible in your closet, you can visit the nearest hardware store to get simple lighting solutions. And you don’t necessarily need to place lights on the ceiling in the closet. Attach them to the surfaces so they don’t get in your way but at closer reach when you need more light on the situation.

  1. Mix Storage Units to Suit your Different Needs

Use drawers for folded stuff, hangers for suits and dresses, and boxes for others. You can make your drawers with the use of a closed system, and storage boxes and hangers can be easily found.  

  1. Keep Occasional Items Beneath

Keep seasonal stuff in baskets, such as winter clothes or bathing suits. Then, swap basket contents as season change accordingly. During summer, move cold weather clothes to lower shelves and bring up warm-weather clothes. Reverse the arrangement in the spring.

  1. Use Coordinated Hangers

These will ensure your clothes are taken care of and your closet is more organized. Wooden hangers are a more improved option to the fashionable plastic hangers.

  1. Work on the Top Shelf

You know how we discuss arranging your belongings towards the floor of your closet neatly and intelligently? This is also similar, just over your clothes. This will require a ladder and some hardware, one shelving, and a wireless drill, all are available cheaply at your nearest big box store.

This is a perfect solution for the occasional items you only use two months of the year. Keep your swimsuits and ski pants together in the same boxes and you will not have any worry as to where it is kept.

  1. Jewelry Organizer

You will find this jewelry hanger useful, keeping your valuable possessions in good condition. You will get more details on stacked chains in our subsequent posts.  

  1. Add a Dresser

If there are no built-ins in your closet, you can improve any additional space underneath shelves or a hanging rod with the use of a dresser.

  1. Shelf Extender

The rate at which shelf space fills up is rapid, and this great extender is a nice solution. It is a perfect solution if you decide to handle your household work instead of contacting Task Rabbit.

  1. Location

When arranging your closet, keep your frequently used items at eye level, so you can always access them. This is also a great method of finding out the items you use and wear more often, which items you access occasionally, and the things that should go into the donation pile. Make sure you arrange your items in such a way that you can locate them at will.

  1. Use Floor Space

Remember to use floor space (if you still have some). Be creative and make use of an umbrella stand or a huge wicker basket to keep odd items, such as yoga mats.

  1. At the Top of your Closet, Make Use of Acrylic File Dividers

You can use acrylic file dividers in another ways in the closet. You can use them to perfectly organise small accessories, such as clutches that are normally kept on a shelf.

  1. Get a Shoe Organiser

Get a shoe organizer and make sure you use it. You can store cubbies, tiered shelves, boxes, and hanging organisers. Many people are in the habit of not putting shoe organiser into use; ensure you discipline yourself to using yours.

  1. Give Room for a Hamper

To keep things in good order, try leaving space for a hamper. This will make sure that dirty clothes are probably given a home in the laundry pile rather than littering the floor. You can stash two hampers each one for dark and lights.      

  1. Basket and Coat Rack

Umbrellas and yoga mats consuming space on the top of your closet will completely be given a home that is made possible by this rattan and basket, which will give your home bohemian style.

  1. Get Plastic Vacuum Seal Bags

They are not only used for leftovers. You can use plastic vacuum seal bags for your home organisation, especially if your closet space is small and your wardrobe is filled. They are perfectly fitted for your heavy blankets and winter clothes, summer dresses as well as your job interview suit. Pick up bags in varieties of sizes so you don’t overload bags, making storage more difficult.

  1. Use Curtains or Hanging to Replace Old Closet Doors

This will give your closet a great look, and also make it more functional regardless of its size since the doors will be static. Or, can also hide clutter perfectly in an open closet.     

  1. Make use of Acrylic Shelves or Clear Glass to locate Things Easily

With clear glass or acrylic shelving and drawer fronts, you can easily point out what is stored in each storage space. It is so much an ideal solution for accessories, like jewelry, since you easily pick something that matches your daily outfit.

  1. Over-the-Door Mirror

You don’t have enough wall space? Make use of the back of your closet door using an over-the-door mirror. Apart from being able to dress up easily, the reflection will create space and make it feel spacious.

  1. A Classroom Classic

Don’t forget that when you were in the first grade and you have your cubby, you could keep all your things there, such as your mittens, coat, lunch box, matching thermos, and so on.

You can get a hanging cubby alternative for your close as it can be used to hang T-shirts, gym clothes, socks, and underwear, or any item that requires storage but does not necessarily require a hanger. This is a great choice for those whose bedroom is too small to fit a dresser. Improve your bedroom space by storing foldable gods in the closet.

  1. Try Stackable Laundry Baskets in Place of a Hamper

For more functionality, try using laundry baskets as a replacement for a hamper. This will not only simplify sorting, but it will also mean you can easily move your dirty clothes to the laundry room without stress.

  1. Keep Hard-to-Fold Items inside Over-the-Door Organisers

Do you have some hard-to-fold items, such as blankets, belts, swaddles, or scarves? Keep them in an over-the-door shoe organizer to neatly store these tricky accessories and garments.

  1. Slim Clothing Rack

If you don’t have enough space in your closet, get a slim clothing rack like the one available at Urban Outfitters. Since you will keep it in plain sight, hang nice looking pieces that will brighten the room up, and keep larger items in your closet away from sight.

  1. Reconsider your Wall Space

If you are fortunate to have a small walk-in closet, chances are you have racks on one if not more of the interior surfaces in there. And if you don’t like hanging more racks inside your closet, then select the easiest solution.

You can make good use of a set of matching hanging baskets. Have a row of them hanged on each surface, as high as possible. Store your collection of memorable items like sports gear, linens, and towels, and so on here. This is a simple but classy solution.

  1. Use Hooks to Create Additional Storage

If there is space on your wall, you can use hooks to create additional storage for towels, coats, or bags. Even if there is no space in your closet, you can go ahead and add hoots to your walls or behind your door. Try using command hooks, but do not forget to visit Anthropologies and Schoolhouse Electric for more fashionable but effective hooks.

  1. Add an Island

If you have a large reach-in closet, try to add an island to the middle of the space. This will add storage space that appears like shelves and drawers, and also give a surface to your nicely folded laundry.

  1. Canvas Wardrobe Organiser

If you can see your cosmetics, accessories, or shoes littering your closet, get this wardrobe organiser that will get things organized nicely and give your accessories and cosmetics a lasting home that is easily accessible.

  1. Shower Power

The classics live forever. Hang your baseball hats, tank tops, as well as other small-sized clothing items by using shower curtain hooks on a hanger. Increase your space by hanging many items on a hanger.        

  1. Store Occasional Clothes in Boxes

Create more space in your closet by storing occasional clothes in boxes out of sight (such as under the bed) or up high. Storage beds have space a lot, but you can also make good use of under-bed storage.   

  1. Elevate the Bar(S)

Double the storage ability of your closet by elevating the top clothing rod above normal height to allow some space that you can use below. Install drawers or use a freestanding dresser to give it a built-in look.

  1. Pegging the Problem

Try hanging a pegboard on the surface in your room or closet. Accessories, costume jewelry, belts, neckties, or hats can be hung up with no risk of those items falling on the floor. Also, you can personalise it as you like. If you can’t seem to fit everything on your board, consider moving pegs and try a new configuration.   

  1. A Rolling Cart

You can invest in a rolling cart and pull it in or out of the closet and used to store clothing or miscellaneous. This trend was started by the RASKOG cart from IKEA (usable in any part of the home), but there are many similar models in the market if you don’t find RASKOG perfect for you. 

  1. Add another Rod

If you need more hanging space, raise the top clothing rod in your closet and install another level in the free space. If you don’t want to handle the installation of a brand new organisational system, you can combine your closet capacity by adding an expanded adjustable from the current closet rod.

  1. Try a Capsule Wardrobe

However, if you decide to stay clothed, consider reducing your options. Having fewer items makes it easier to store your belongings. A capsule wardrobe is dependent on the idea of simplicity and using a small number of items to make different types and looks. 3 pairs of jeans, 3 oxford button-down shirts, 3 pairs of sneakers, 5 T-shirts, a couple of jackets, and 2 pairs of casual or dress shoes are all you need to store in it.

  1. Use Dividers to Store Bags Upright

Regardless of the love you have for an item inside your closet, if you can’t see it, you definitely won’t use it. Put clutches and wallets in a mail organiser to make sure the items are on sight and easily accessible. Keeping them in an upright position will also help them keep their shape. 

  1. Set an Organised Goal

If there is storage space underneath your bed, but your closet is filled with clutter, you need to lift your bed. It’s similar to a bunk bed for adults. Then turn your additional storage space into another closet. Get a small curtain that matches your bed sheets or purchase an additional bed sheet and make one from it. This will also give you more space for activities in the space.

  1. Use up Wasted Space

Consider using free wall space to install a towel bar or hooks and hang your collections of belts, scarves, and other accessories instead of keeping them in boxes or on hangers.

  1. Lug Your Luggage

Purchase some heavy-duty hooks, and mount your bags and suitcases on the wall over your closet door. Your luggage is not what you need to access daily, so it will be out of the way but always easily accessible.

  1. Hang Bags behind the Door

Your closet space can be quickly filled up with large purses and totes. To keep them away from the floor and at the ready, hang them from hooks installed behind your door. Still don’t have enough storage space? Store swimsuits or other accessories inside.

  1. Appreciate a Donation

We all understand the hanger trick: changing the direction of your hangers so you can monitor what you wear and what you don’t. When you decide to begin to organise your space, have a hamper in your closet to pack clothing for donation. After filling the basket, check in to the nearest donation center to you. And remember to obtain the slip so you can cut your donation on your taxes.

Final Words

Closet space is one of the important places to consider when searching for an apartment. Sadly, that your dream large-walk-in closet may not be a reality yet. But with the closet organisation ideas mentioned here, you can change the look of your closet space to make it appear classy and fashionable just as the clothes you store in it.