Transforming Lives: A Glimpse into Lou’s Journey

Background:Lou, an NDIS participant residing in the Eastern Suburbs, was thrust into a precarious living situation when she and her four children were provided a two-bedroom government house. Originally intended as a 2 month temporary solution, two years later, the situation remained unchanged. The weight of her environment coupled with the everyday challenges of raising four children intensified Lou’s feelings of uncertainty, stress, and despair. Sadly, these emotions became so overbearing that suicidal thoughts emerged.

The Challenge:

Lou sought external help, partnering with a cleaning company to alleviate some of the overwhelming clutter and disorder in her home. Despite the hefty $3,000 weekly fee, charged to her NDIS account, the service provided was subpar, doing little to truly address the root issues. Her home remained littered with clutter inside, outside, and even in her shed. The presence of mould and dirt was evident everywhere, revealing a lack of thorough cleaning for months on end. After 6 months, she decided to stop their service and called Clean house Melbourne.

Our Intervention:Upon hearing Lou’s plight, our team was determined to make a tangible difference. From the first day of our intervention, the contrast was palpable. Starting with the kitchen, when Loo spends a lot of time because she likes cooking, our team not only cleaned but also involved Lou in the process. Her enthusiasm and eagerness to assist revealed her deep-rooted desire for change. She was on fire and beaming of joy because she was experience the progress that we were doing, even if she didn’t have to tell everyone what to do at all time.


The results were astonishing. On the first day alone, the transformation in the kitchen was evident not only in the physical space but also in Lou’s demeanour. What set our approach apart was our attentive and tailored service, eliminating the need for Lou to constantly guide and instruct. The trust she placed in our team became evident when she started leaving her home under our care, even during our visits.

Beyond the visible changes in her home, Lou experienced profound personal changes. Her stress and anxiety levels plummeted, leading to a significant reduction in her medication and increase in her desire to live longer. The whole family’s happiness and wellbeing is at a high note that they have never experienced before.

At the heart of our service lies a commitment to genuinely impact the lives of our clients. In Lou’s case, not only were we able to transform her living space but, more importantly, we rekindled her hope and zest for life. Witnessing such dramatic positive shifts in the lives of clients like Lou makes our work deeply rewarding and reinforces the importance of our mission.